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Rotovac website redesign and development

Rotovac Corporation

We were hired by Rotovac to move their website from static pages to an e-commerce implementation of Craft CMS. We were also tasked with making their current design responsive with a mobile-first appraoch.

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Rotovac Homepage
Kitsap Details website redesign and development

Kitsap Details

We were hired by Kitsap Details to create a one page website that showcased their services and their work. We also integrated their scheduling with Google Calendar for easy integration. This site was built with Craft CMS version 2.

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Kitsap Details Homepage
Veritas Millwork website redesign and development

Veritas Millwork

We were hired by Veritas Millwork to build them an initial website that is similar to their sister company, Veritas Custom Homes. We repurposed many design elements from the sister company site and added more pages and information.

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Veritas Millworks Homepage
Shutter Tours website redesign and development

Shutter Tours Re-Design

We were hired by Shutter Tours to help increase their conversion rates. Their previous site wasn't mobile friendly and their mobile traffic had increased 50% for the previous year. We took a responsive approach and their conversion rates increased by 30% in the first three months and they increased their sales by almost 50%.

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Shutter Tours Homepage
Videri website development

Videri Expression Engine Implementation

We were hired by HourSix Consulting to help with a complicated integration by turning Expression Engine CMS into a MLM platform for Videri. This included multiple custom Expression Engine plugins to tie in with CartThrob as well as working with a database developer to integrate calculations into the front-end of the site. I was also tasked with creating all of the front-end javascript for the checkout process. This was a 5-month contract that was completed in July of 2018.

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Videri Homepage
Disanbatino landscaping website design

Disabatino Re-Design

Disabatino Landscaping was looking for a fresh new look for their website. We were hired to only do a photoshop mock-up of their homepage and an interior page.

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Disabantino landscaping Homepage Disabantino landscaping interior page
Brite Shine cleaning website redesign and development

Brite Shine Re-Design

Brite Shine hired us to re-design their current website as well as help with building landing pages for specific cities and services to help with their Google rankings. Overall, we were able to increase their conversion rate my 25% and saw an increase of 50% more traffic than the year before.

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Brite Shine Homepage


Web Development

Leave the coding to us. We specialize in Craft CMS and Expression Engine CMS systems to insure you're able to update your website when you want.

Accessibility Services

  • Screen Reader testing
  • Color Contrast audit
  • Captions/Transcripts
  • Keyboard accessibility


Not sure where to start? We can help guide you through the website development process and provide you with a step-by-step plan to help get your website project started.

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